marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

USA culture- 8 via BRG

The holiday season is a very busy and joyous one in American culture. As you celebrate your first holiday in America, you will likely have the opportunity to meet many new people. Social greetings differ widely from country to country and it is a good idea to know the best way to greet your new friends. As you have likely already observed, most Americans are very friendly and informal when meeting each other. It isn’t uncommon for Americans to begin conversations with strangers while waiting in a line. Americans are also very direct – sometimes in a way that would even be thought of as rude in other cultures. When you meet someone new, either socially or in a business setting, a firm, brief, and confident handshake is the norm. If you are unsure what to say when meeting someone new, saying ‘Hello. It is nice to meet you,’ is always a good choice.